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Life Can Be Complicated…

Making important financial decisions can be complicated. Wondering whether you made the best financial decisions can be downright difficult and stressful. That’s where we come in. We can help you make sound financial decisions and put you on the best path to accomplish what’s most important to you.

It Starts With Little Steps…

Many of us don’t plan to wait until retirement to live the “lifestyle” of our dreams. This “lifestyle” won’t happen overnight, but at GenVest Planning we can help you take those critical initial steps and then guide you along the way. We’re not in the business of selling dreams and pixie dust; we’re in the business of providing good financial advice… for you.

What We Do

Goal Planning
Cash Flow Guidance
Large Purchase Planning
Debt Management
Retirement Planning
Tax Planning

Investment Management
House & Rental Planning
Insurance Review
Business Consulting
Estate Planning
Education Planning

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Who We Are

We are not your father’s financial advisor. We are different. We help people in their twenties and thirties make smart financial decisions.

At some point in all of our lives, we start to think about the future. We wonder: Will I ever be able to buy a home? What is a 401(k)? How do I make money in the stock market? Can I quit my job and just travel for a while?

If you find yourself asking questions like these, we can help!



What does a Financial Life Planner do?

Financial decisions and good financial habits can often be difficult to manage. These decisions can also be tied to a lot of emotions as they will have a huge impact on your future. We help you and your family make smart financial decisions, avoid life’s “potholes”, and accomplish your life’s goals.

Do I need to come into your office?

We understand that you have a life. Between work, family, friends, and hobbies, you might not have the time to come in to our office. We can meet via video conference and outside normal business hours if needed. Whatever works best for you.

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